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Nazi Movies - full list - My Nazi Lover

About Nazi Movies - full list

Previous Entry Nazi Movies - full list May. 16th, 2005 @ 02:28 pm Next Entry
THE BEAST IN HEAT (75) aka SS Hell Camp; SS Nazi Hell Camp; Nazi Holocaust; Horrifying Experiments of the SS Last Days; SS Experiments Part 2; Holocauste Nazi (Armes Secretes ill Reich); La Bestia in Calore. If you can make it through the tedious "brave resistance fighters vs. evil Nazis" excuse for a plot (two words: fast forward) you'll be rewarded with some of the most vile, heinous, wildly original torture camp set-pieces to ever come out of this sickening little subgenre! A baby is tossed into the air and machine gunned, men are castrated and drowned, a woman has her fingernails pulled out in loving close-up, while another has her stomach chewed open by rats... And then there's the "beast in heat" himself: a demented mutant who viciously fucks the women thrown in his cage, then finishes up by ripping out bloody handfuls of their pubic hair and EATING it! A truly disgusting, thoroughly obscene, one-of-a-kind marvel! (C)

BLUE ICE (85) Jamie Gillis and Ron Jeremy star in this extremely rare porn oddity about the search for a mystical book that, if it falls into the wrong hands, will restore the Third Reich to power. Of special interest to Euro Trash fans for an appearance by Reggie Nalder, the witchfinder from Mark of the Devil, as the leader of the American Nazi Party! X-rated.

DESERT TIGERS (76) aka Achtung! Desert Tigers; Kaput Lager gli Ultimi Gierni delle SS. Vulgar Nazi war Eurosleaze from the evil Ivan Kathansky (director of SS Hell Camp) has something for everyone: giant gasoline explosions, fierce machine gun fights, vicious beatings, screaming nude women draped over sawhorses and scrubbed with soapy mops, a whip-wielding lesbian doctor who likes to be on the receiving end in her spare time, dead Jew floggings, hairy full frontal nudity, penises being torn off, a transvestite belly dancer, forced urine drinking, and Gordon Mitchell as a slimy homosexual SS officer! (C)

FRAULEINS IN UNIFORM (74) aka Frauleins Without Uniforms; She-Devils of the SS; Eine Armee Gretchen. Erwin C. Deitrich sexploitationer about young women recruited by the Gestapo for "special assignment." Mmm yeah. We know what that means. Light on violence but more than makes up for it with plenty of footage of naked Teuton babes running through battlefields while mortar rounds explode around them. Think Hogan’s Heroes goes nudist.

GESTAPO’S LAST ORGY (76) aka Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler; L’ Ultima Orgia del III Reich; SS Beulen; Bourreaux SS; Des Filles Pour le Bourreau; La Derniere Orgie du III Reich; Sex Orgie III Rzeszy; Orgier I Tredje Riket; Orgies du III Reich; Ultime Orgie del III Reich. One of the kinkiest and sleaziest of all the Nazi torture fests made all the more repulsive by its literate script, capable actors, and better than average production values. Psychotic camp commandant and his trusty Ilsa-like sidekick attempt to break the spirit of a beautiful Jewess with nothing left to lose. Sails right out of the ballpark with the dinner table scene where high ranking officers dine on dead Jew flesh. Not to mention a menstruating woman fed to bloodthirsty dobermans, a slideshow featuring shit eating and mother/daughter incest, a violent gymnasium orgy, our heroine traipsing around in panties made of human hair, and the sexiest scene of a woman giving a blow job to a Luger pistol you’ll ever see. This is the COMPLETE version with better picture quality and a longer running time than either Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler or the trimmed import print offered by others. (C)

HITLER’S CHILDREN (42) Lurid propaganda exposes the Nazi Nightmare of Aryan youths' "Education for Death" and young women's forced impregnation to provide future stormtroopers for the Master Race. Whew! Don't miss poor Bonita Granville being trussed up and publicly whipped for her refusal to give it up for the Fatherland!

HOLOCAUST 2 (77) aka The Memories, Delirium and the Vendetta Part 2; Holocaust 2: I Ricordi, I Deliri, La Vendetta Subliminal. This one gets our vote for the Plan 9 of concentration camp films! A secret group of Jewish activists locate and murder the doctors and soldiers who tortured their relations in a notorious extermination camp. They hypnotize a mysterious girl into killing the Commandant's son (a wealthy playboy) to lure his father out of hiding. Once captured, the old man is tickled to death by a goat licking his feet!!! Other highlights include a couple being power drilled to death in their sleep, a woman stripped, tied spread eagled to trees and strangled, flashbacks of Jews being gunned down in the camps while little kids sing, a kinky cabaret scene lifted straight out of The Night Porter, and more! Amazing! Stars William Berger and Gordon Mitchell. Letterboxed. (C)

ILSA, QUEEN OF THE NAZI LOVE CAMP (94) In case you had any lingering doubts about the decline of Western Civilization, here's an all-singing, all-dancing, musical comedy stage play based on the Ilsa movies!!! Probably the greatest concept since Springtime for Hitler and the chick who plays Ilsa has a dynamite pair of legs that even Tina Turner herself would envy! From broadcast.

LOVE TRAIN FOR THE SS (74) aka Love Train for Hitler; Hell Train; Special Train for Hitler;Train Special Pour Hitler. Extremely rare UNCUT and letterboxed print of this sleazy Eurocine feature starring Monica Swinn. Massive orgies, swagger stick sucking, jack boot humping, and SS officers riding women like horsies are just a few of the delights to be found in this one! Fair quality (C)

NAZI LOVE CAMP 27 (76) aka SS Love Camp No. 27; Love Camp #27; Living Nightmare; Fraulein SS; La Svastica nel Ventre; La Esvastica en el Vientre. Concentration camp cutie Sirpa Lane climbs to the top of the dung heap in this tasteless tale of Aryan lust that plays like a remake of The Lonely Lady set in Hell! Surprisingly hardcore scenes like our juicy Jewess receiving an unexpected hot knockwurst delivery from the SS, and another fraulein getting the business end of a rhino horn shoved up her steamy hole make this one a totally X-rated winner!

PRIVATE HOUSE OF THE SS (77) aka SS Girls; SS Girls Camp; SS Tytt; Casa Privata per le SS. Complete UNCUT Italian language print of this Bruno Mattei Nazi trashfest with over 16 minutes of nudity, sleaze and general weirdness missing from the US video release. Bet you didn’t know this one originally had a happy ending! (C)

RED NIGHTS OF THE GESTAPO (81) aka Las Noches Rojas de la Gestapo; Le Lunghe Notti della Gestapo. More like Red LIGHTS of the Gestapo as this is still another variation on the "Nazi Commandant attempts to blackmail fellow officers by spying on them in his private brothel" theme. Well above average for this sort of thing and you'll want to pay particular attention to the scene where one fun loving criminal tries to see how much of his jackboot he can cram up a young plaything's Joy Division! Completely UNCUT 141 minute version. (C)

SALON KITTY (75) aka Madam Kitty. Great looking, completely UNCUT and letterboxed print of the granddaddy of Nazi brothel movies, directed by the one and only Tinto Caligula Brass. Devoted Aryan babes are pressed into service as prostitutes for the glory of the Fatherland, but only after proving their dedication by mating with Jews, hunchbacks and amputees! Sleazy AND stylish (no easy feat), with a special guest appearance by SS Hell Camp's "beast in heat!" English language with Dutch subtitles. (C)

SS CAMP 5: WOMEN’S HELL (76) aka SS Camp 5: Hell for Women; SS Lager 5: L’ Inferno delle Donne; SS Camp 5: L’ Enfer des Femmes. Puke inducing death camp swill (which means you gotta see it, right?) from evil genius Sergio Garrone. Lives up to its subtitle in spades as women have their legs set on fire, get roasted in ovens, have flaming bamboo shoots stuck under their fingernails, etc. Sergio really outdoes himself in one showstopping scene where a woman gets punched in the stomach with spiked brass knuckles until her guts hang out, another gets her head squeezed in a vise until a huge puddle of blood forms underneath her, and a third has her tongue completely torn out with a pair of iron tongs. Thath incwedibew! (C)

SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP (76) aka SS Experiment Camp; Captive Women II: Orgies of the Damned; Horreur Nazis; Lager SS Adis Kastrat Kommandantur; SS Vrounenkamp 1; Kastrat mandantur Satirlager 23; Le Camp des Filles Perdues. Sergio Garrone Nazi atrocity pukeorama complete with testicle transplants! (C)

STALAG 69 (82) Nasty hardcore porno women-in-Nazi-prison flick starring Dorothy LeMay and Angelique Pettyjohn (aka Heaven St. John) as a sadistic Nazi torturess!!! X-rated.

WOMENS CAMP 119 (76) aka SS Extermination Camp; SS Campo de Exterminis; SS Campo Extermination; SS Campo de Sexo y Violenza; KZ9 -- Lager Sistermino; KZ9 Camp D' Extermination. Bruno Mattei finally gets it right with this richly repulsive torture camp horror show filled with bloody uterus transplants, women forced to copulate with the frozen dead in order to bring them back to life through body heat (it works!), ghastly gassings, multiple hangings, a goofy tit freak retard, and a brutally downbeat ending. Gotta have it! Letterboxed. (C)


LOVE CAMP 7 UNCUT Euro print in great quality! (C)

SS BORDELLO aka Freudenhaus ou Bordel SS. Directed by Jose Benazeraf. French language
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